Hosting a Successful Barre Class from Home

Teaching from home is a fantastic way to grow your barre business! Not only do you not have to worry about studio space, but anyone can join you from anywhere in the country! Here are some helpful tips to keep your at-home studio looking good:

  1. Give yourself enough space! Your entire body should be in view so that no matter what you are demonstrating, you know you’ll be seen. Make sure your space is clean and free of distractions. You want it looking professional and well kept. If possible, a plain background behind you is ideal, and try to only keep your barre props in view of the camera.
  1. Good lighting goes a long way! Try to have your light behind the camera coming towards you. If you are backlit, chances are your participants will only see the shadow of your body. Overhead lighting casts shadows on your face, so the best lighting is face on.
  1. Keep your props professional! While water bottles are great hand weights for your participants, try to keep your props looking as professional as possible! Light hand weights can be found at your local target, Walmart, or even 5 below. Additionally, use a barre that’s free of clutter. A chair back is a fantastic at-home barre, but make sure your chair is clear and doesn’t take up too much camera space.
  1. Confidence in your appearance is key! If you like the way you look, you will perform better during class. Taking pride in your appearance will make you feel better, and that confidence will shine through your camera. Try to keep your hair away from your face, and refrain from wearing distracting patterns.
  1. Make sure you’re heard! Volume is tricky over the computer. Give yourself a test run before your class. Make sure you can be heard over your music, and that your music is coming through your speakers. If you are using Zoom, we suggest sharing your computer volume to play your music. Click “Share Screen”, “Advanced”, “Music or Computer Sound Only”. This will broadcast whatever is playing through your computer to your participants, and still allow you to be heard over it! 
  1. Connection is key! Don’t be afraid to get up close to your camera and look at what your participants are doing. Call their names and cheer them on. The more camaraderie the better.  
  1. Having a clean background for your classes is imperative to their success! Not only will it give your business a professional feel, but it also helps to limit distractions during class. 

Bottom line, if you enjoy yourself, so will your class participants!