How to grow your client base

Welcome to Barreology! 

Congratulations! You are now a certified Barre instructor and it’s time to start teaching! You’ve already encountered our business in a box, but here are a few more pointers on how to acquire clients:

Ways to promote your barre class:

  • Word of mouth: Word of mouth goes a long way! Reach out to your closest friends and family. If they have a positive experience, ask them to spread the word about your classes!
  • Social media: Use your platforms to help you! Are you teaching a weekly class? Post about it on instagram, and link your Barreology profile so your followers can sign up.
  • Email blast: Send an email blast to your contacts! You could even include a sample video of what they can expect.
  • Post a flyer: Is there a business nearby that you think would help you promote? Perhaps a food coop you are a part of, or a childcare center you belong to. Design a flyer to hang up in their lobby, but don’t forget to get permission first!
  • Reach out to a business: Do you or a loved one have a business that would be interested in a community bonding experience? Maybe they would want to participate in a virtual barre experience? Send them an email detailing who you are, what you do, and the types of class you can offer them. Exercise classes are a fabulous way to build community in the workplace!
  • Host a “get to know me” class: Hold a donation based class for any of your contacts that have been wanting to try your workout! This way they can see what you are all about, and help you spread the word to their friends! guarantee they will fall in love with barre, just as you did!

Helpful tools to keep your clients coming back: 

  • Create a mailing list: Do you have friends who promise they’ll come to your class, but seem to forget? Don’t let them! Sending weekly, or even monthly updates can keep you in the forefront of your clients minds! 
  • Themed or focused classes: Give your clients exciting things to look forward to when coming to class! Maybe one day is all about the booty, so they’ll have to sign up for your next upper body focused workout! 
  • Give your clients incentives: We all know that “free” is one of the most appealing words in the English language, and your clients will surely jump for the opportunity to get an awesome workout in. An example of this would be “Buy 5, get one free!”. From there, you can send them the class link for their chosen freebie! 
  • Allow your clients to bring a friend: Creating a special event like “Bring a Friend Friday” will not only excite your clients, but introduce you to a whole new crowd as well.

You’re going to be amazing!