What is Barreology?

Barreology is a foundational course, meant to teach its students the principles of a safe & effective barre workout. Built from Pilates and dance principles, a strong emphasis is placed on form focused movement and proper technique. 

I am interested in Barreology, what do I get when I purchase the course?

If you purchase the Barreology course you will receive our full barre certification program.  Upon your test out, your $30 subscription gives you: access to our ever-growing resource  library, access to your very own Business-in-a-Box, and access to our Barreology Instructors Facebook group!

Who can teach/ take Barre?

Our barre program was created to safely and effectively be taught/ executed by ALL fitness levels.

I have no Barre, Dance, or Pilates experience…can I become Barreology certified?

Absolutely! Barreology is an entry level Barre Certification Program. Your skill set and natural ability will determine whether you use this course as a  career or simply to further your education as a Barre fitness enthusiast. 

I have completed the Barreology course, am I now XTEND Barre certified?

No, Barreology is a course brought to you and powered by XTEND Barre. You are NOT however a certified XTEND Barre instructor upon completion of this course

What am I certified in upon completion?

Upon completion of the final test, you will be Barreology Certified and trained as a barre instructor. 

What does the Barreology course look like?

Barreology’s certification program can be completed entirely online. Learn at your own pace, with each course segment bringing videos, instructional manuals, and multiple choice tests.  

How long does the Barreology course take?

Because Barreology is entirely online, you can go at your own pace. There is not a set amount of time to complete your certification.

How do I officially become certified? Is there a final test out?

You will complete a multiple choice test after each course segment in order to advance in the course. Your final test out will be multiple choice to  test your knowledge learned during the course. 

I passed the final test, now what?

Once certified, you will have access to the Resource Library. Here you will find resources like class music downloads and documents designed to assist you with your barre business. 

What is the ‘Business in a Box’?

Once certified, you will have access to your very own Business in a Box.

Create your instructor profile, market, and host your barre classes, all from the Barreology website. 

Send clients a direct link to your personal profile, where they will be able to sign up and pay for the class. 

Create links for your class, sent directly your clients. 

Requires ‘Business in a Box’ monthly fee of $30.

When will my monthly fee of $30 begin?

Billing will not begin until you are officially certified.

I just passed certification…am I able to teach Barreology classes?

In order to teach Barreology you must first subscribe to our Business in a Box program. Billing is monthly at $30, giving you all the tools needed to support your business!

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

Monthly membership fees can be cancelled at anytime, by emailing us at: info@barreology.com

Once I am certified, will I have to renew my certification?

In order to remain active in our Barreology database you will be charged a monthly fee of $30 (giving you access to our growing Resource Library, and Business in a Box). 

Contact us at: info@barreology.com