Become A Barre Certified (accredited) Instructor with Barreology

a globally recognized leader in transformational Barre programming.

from the comfort of your own home

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Why Barreology?

Barreology is the only Barre Instructor Certification that gives you a ‘business in a box.’ Our certification is the perfect intersection between exceptional barre education and freedom of entrepreneurship.

Founded by Andrea Rogers in 2007, who has swept the globe as a leading Barre Program. This workout is created for people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds. 

Barreology was created out of the popularity and demand for a barre program, available to everyone, to empower the entrepreneurial spirit with a viable business-in-a-box.


It's More Than A Certification. It's A Business

As a Barreology certified instructor:

  • You’ll get your own website to promote to your community, display your schedule, take reservations and payment. 100% of the revenue passes directly to the instructor!
  • NASM and AFAA affiliated so you can teach anywhere you choose: online, local or home gym, public spaces, private classes, etc.
  • Business resources
  • Marketing tools
  • Listing as part of the global schedule and instructor network
  • Go at your own pace
  • Be your own boss!

This is not an XTEND Barre certification, which offers multiple modalities, advance props and mandates that classes are hosted in an approved XTEND BARRE facility.