Become A Barre Certified Instructor with Barreology

a globally recognized leader in transformational Barre programming.

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Why Barreology?

The Barreology Barre Instructor Certification is a perfect intersection between exceptional barre education and freedom of entrepreneurship.

Andrea Rogers, who has swept the globe with her high-energy barre programming, developed this transformative Barre Certification Program, which is available world-wide and from the comfort of your own home. This course is designed for people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

Given the popularity of barre classes, the opportunity to teach and start something new has never been greater. The Barreology Instructor Training course will not only position you competitively in this market, where many are turning to smaller, boutique-style studios for their fitness needs, but it will allow you the opportunity to influence your community by instructing on proper alignment and position, which can help increase strength and movement in all aspects of life.


You will learn:

  • Dance Terms and Concepts
  • Anatomical Terms and Concepts
  • Music- It’s All About the Count
  • Warmups
  • Barre- Upper Body
  • Barre- Quads/Thighs
  • Barre- Glute/Hamstring
  • Core Training
  • Lower Body Mat
  • Stretches
  • Safety Modifications
  • And so much more

Once certified, you will also have access to resources designed to assist you with your barre classes.